Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013-present)

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1

Alice goes back to Wonderland with the Knave of Hearts to rescue her one true love, Cyrus, who happens to be a genie. All the while, Alice thought Cyrus died after the Red Queen’s attack. It was actually one of the queen’s strategies to capture Cyrus and turn him over to the evil sorcerer Jafar who’s now holding Cyrus captive.

After the resounding success of Once Upon a Time TV Series, comes its spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It still has the same concept of putting old fables and fairy tales together, weaving new storyline twists and changing the way we look at the famous storybook characters. Great job for ABC Studios.

The setting begins in England during the Victorian times when a talking rabbit with the Knave of Hearts rescue Alice in a mental institution and tells her Cyrus is alive.

Alice is not Crazy

She was sent to this institution so she could be treated. No one believed her when she came back after being gone for so many years. She claimed she was in Wonderland but came home after losing the love of her life.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 5
Alice and Cyrus (the genie)

She said she fell in love with the genie Cyrus. Everything went well, until the Red Queen pushed Cyrus off the cliff to die. Alice no longer saw any reason to stay in Wonderland so she found her way home.

But when she returned home, her father had already remarried and has another daughter. The stepmother feels Alice to be mentally unstable and dangerous for her daughter to be around in. So they all agreed to help get her cured.

But later in the season, they will find out that Alice wasn’t crazy after all.

Knave of Hearts

Will doesn’t want to go back to Wonderland because he wants to start to live a new life. He only promised to help the rabbit get Alice out of the institution. But Alice convinces him to help her find Cyrus and in return, she will give Will her three magical wishes which she hasn’t claimed. This was good motivation for Will. The rabbit digs and a portal to Wonderland was created.

The three go back to Wonderland and more is revealed.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 2
Alice running with Will (Knave of Hearts)

Jafar, Cyrus, The Red Queen and the Magic Lamp

Alice, the White Rabbit, the Knave of Hearts and the Red Queen are all based on the characters of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. But Jafar is based on the story of Aladdin.

It appears that Jafar has overpowered the Red Queen and it’s Jafar who ordered the Red Queen to get Cyrus. Though the Red Queen has powers, Jafar’s magic is too great. He has threatened the Red Queen many times throughout the season, ridiculed and insulted her.

The Red Queen tries her best to find a way to turn the tables around.

For Jafar not to destroy her, she revealed she has kept the magic lamp hidden impressing on Jafar that he still needs her alive. This buys her time to device a way to defeat Jafar.

Jafar needs the magic lamp and Alice to make her three wishes so that he could create the spell using Cyrus and the lamp. The spell will make him the most powerful sorcerer of all time. But it cannot happen while the genie is still serving another master who is Alice, technically. If Alice dies while the three wishes haven’t been consumed, then Jafar will not be able to make the spell.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 4

Alice and her Three Wishes

Alice hasn’t made any wishes because she felt she had no need to. When she met Cyrus, they became friends and fell in love. She said having Cyrus was all the happiness she could wish for. Cyrus gave her three gems, each represented a wish she could make. If a wish was made, one of the gem I believe will disintegrate. Alice kept the three gems.

Everything was perfect. They were enjoying each other on a cliff one day when the Red Queen and her guards stormed in. The queen pushed Cyrus off the cliff and into the boiling sea. Alice was traumatized. Wonderland for her is now a land of pain. She escapes the pain by going back to England. But her father and his new wife send her to a mental institution.

Fast forward… After finding out that Cyrus is still alive, Alice still doesn’t wish for Cyrus to magically appear in front of her. Why? Wishes can be dangerous. The bigger the wish, the greater danger it poses. Magic has consequences and twists can happen when making a wish, twists that can be fatal. A simple wish, like wishing for a cupcake won’t pose any harm, but she wouldn’t want to waste a wish on that.

Jafar’s Obsession

Jafar is obsessed with power. This is the result of his painful past. A long time ago, he was disowned by a Sultan who turned out to be his father. Having a bastard shamed the royal family. He became dirt poor and suffered. He wanted to kill his father but had no means. Until he met an evil sorceress who taught him the dark art.

Will he gain the power he wants and destroy his father? As happily ever after goes, I don’t think ABC Studios will allow Jafar to succeed. And his partner the Red Queen, is secretly out to defeat him.

The Red Queen and The Knave of Hearts

During one confrontation, Alice puts two and two together after seeing Will, the Knave of Hearts and the Red Queen. Things started to make sense.

Will spoke of a certain Anastasia whom he used to love. Alice never thought she’d meet her until now.

Now here’s another character from another story — Anastasia, if you’re familiar with the full length animation released years ago with the same title “Anastasia.”

So Anastasia and Will fell in love a long time ago. But Anastasia’s mother was against this relationship. She wanted Anastasia to rise to power and would prefer someone with royal blood to be Anastasia’s husband.

Will and Anastasia escape to Wonderland away from her mother. But this is where Anastasia changes. She hated the kind of life she had with Will. They were poor. They had to steal to eat.

One day they had an idea of stealing elegant clothes so they can crash a royal party and enjoy royal food.

Anastasia looked amazing. Even the king at the ball was mesmerized. But what caught Anastasia’s attention were the crown jewels. She wanted them.

After they left the ball, Anastasia convinces Will to make one final heist — to steal the crown jewels, go back to earth and tell her mother with her jewels that she became a queen in a far off place. It seems that her mother’s obsession of turning her into a queen has taken hold of her.

The plan: Anastasia would sneak into the castle, steal the jewels, throw it out the window for Will to catch and she escapes through the window.

Anastasia, as planned, secretly enters the castle to steal the jewels but the king catches her. Now for the big WHAAAAAT!!! The king asks her why she should steal them when she can own the jewels as his queen. Right then and there, she accepted the proposal, they walk off the balcony with Anastasia in her new dress and jewels, and the king introduces the new Red Queen.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 3
The Red Queen a.k.a Anastasia

Will was shattered. He was so heart-broken that he decided to go back to earth and forget about Wonderland.

Is there a future for this love story? Well, the king’s no longer in the picture and I’m assuming he’s already dead. I think the Red Queen who’s pretending to support Jafar will be back in Will’s arms once they defeat the evil sorcerer and reunite Alice and Cyrus.

Too many spoilers here. Just watch season 1 of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


Based on wikipedia list of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland characters

Sophie Lowe as Alice
Michael Socha as Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts
Peter Gadiot as Cyrus
Emma Rigby as Anastasia/The Red Queen
Naveen Andrews as Jafar
John Lithgow as the White Rabbit (voice)
Jonny Coyne as Dr. Lydgate
Keith David as the Cheshire Cat (voice)
Ben Cotton as Tweedledum
Marty Finochio as Tweedledee
Brian George as Old Prisoner
Whoopi Goldberg as Mrs. Rabbit (voice)
Iggy Pop as the Caterpillar (voice)
Kristin Bauer van Straten as Maleficent
Zuleikha Robinson as Amara
Shaun Smyth as Edwin


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